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the environment




Innovative Products Designed 

with care of the environment 

in mind

“Progress is impossible

without change, and those

who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

- George Bernard Shaw

Réalt Paper Merchants, Swords

Social Responsibility

In Réalt, we take environmental issues

very seriously. Réalt is a Repak Member &

we have signed up to their Plastic Pledge. 

It is important that our customers see

and know we are taking steps to fulfil our environmental obligations.


The aim is to continue making changes throughout 2019 within and outside of our organisation in order to positively impact

our environment.


Repak Member


Plastic Pledge

 Over 10,000 Tonnes of Plastic

Waste Avoided Thanks to ‘Plastic Pledge’ 

– Minister Bruton


Two Sides

Myth - Paper is bad for the environment

Fact - Paper is one of the truly

sustainable products

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