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What makes Colorplan such a great paper for designers ?


The different shades enable designers to create a brand identity whether you require intense colour or subtle tones.


Your chosen shade is part of a collection of colours so your client does not have to worry about a discontinuation problem.

Flexibility of finish

25 Embossings can be added to any shade to create an individual look and feel.

Bespoke Makings

The proverbial icing on the cake. 

Create a distinct colour for your

clients brandor match an existing brand colour

(Minimum 4 tonnes).

Marr's Green is the result of a unique online experiment 

run byG.F. Smith. A website was set up with

people choosing their favourite colours and imputing the

feelings they would associate with that colour.


The Most popular Colour was found to be Marr's Green. 

A book was collated with the findings to create 'The Worlds Favourite Colour Book' an insightful book that

would be a great addition to any designers office. 


What Designer would not want a printed reference of

the various colours and the emotions that inspired them!

Available for sale soon If you are interested in purchasing a copy email

Marr's Green

Marr's Green

G.F. Smith, London

The World's Favourite Colour Book

G.F. Smith

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