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Kernow Coatings

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

As a designer/printer you need to bring new paper packaging solutions to your clients. Kernow have produced a great alternative to expensive foil stamps for luxurious packaging. Three shades are available - Silver, Gold and Copper. Below are some of the advantages of using this paper in your packaging design.

Create instant metallic effects without foil stamps or extra steps.


Dry Toner

  • Suitable for use on all dry toner machines.

  • Perfect for luxury packaging & high-end marketing pieces.


HP Indigo

  • New Cobalt Coating Technology designed to control conductivity & allow for hassle free running in your device. Optimised to be used with or without ILP unit.

  • Perfect for luxury packaging & high-end marketing pieces.

  • Take full advantage of HP’s white ink to create incredible special effects.

  • Features Kernow’s Cobalt Coating Technology for unmatched ink performance & static control.


Suitable for wide format machines - Eco Solvent, UV, Latex

High-Tack Printable Metallic Polyester Films


  • Available in Metallic Silver, Gold or Rose Gold

  • Suitable for permanent lamination onto display boards & other smooth surfaces

  • POS decoration with or without print

  • Ideal for shop-fitting, perfumeries, luxury boutiques, and Christmas campaigns

  • Turn any smooth surface into metallic

  • Ideal for packaging with metallic effect, our silver film is recommended for Color Logic® software

  • Combine permanent print and CAD applications, for example doming


  • One-sided bright shiny Silver, Gold & Rose Gold

  • Perfect film for lamination on boards, for example Dibond

  • Very smooth finish, close to mirror effect

  • High-tack adhesive for strong permanent adhesion

  • Can be cut and weeded

KernowJet Roll

Réalt would love to present some of your print and design solutions using Kernow Coated papers on our social media. Get in touch and send in some images of your design project to

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